Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sea Scout Quartermaster candidate helps with Hurricane Ike relief

From our incoming email:

My friend, Eagle Scout Chris Bergtholdt, is organizing his Quartermaster Sea Scout service project for the children of Hurricane Ike, and I want to ask you to lend a hand.

When I worked with Hurricane Katrina evacuees in 2005 I learned that the hardest thing about being displaced isn't the loss of belongings but the loss of family stability. Keeping families together is the most critical thing in a crisis, and nothing brings a family together and helps mend traumatized feelings of security like the time spent reading to children.

The Galveston area was hardest hit by Ike, and there are thousands of people looking forward to long-term FEMA housing and a long period of uncertainty. Area residents have lost everything. They need to give their children a sense of safety and stability, and parents need to feel like parents after the loss of everything they own. In order to give the parents in Galveston shelters the tools they need to keep their families together, Chris is fervently networking with people all over the country to collect children's books.

Please look at home for children's books, or buy some new ones at your local store, and send them to the address below. Don't be afraid to include a personal message to the children who will read them. Let them know that they aren't alone.

*Families in need...
c/o Clara Barton Village
Alamo Elementary School
5200 Avenue N
Galveston, Texas 77550*

And please spread this message far and wide. If you're like me you probably hate the forward button on your friends' email programs but the more people who read this message the more good we can do together.

You will be helping parents and children - survivors all - to see that their lives are not on hold, that they are alive and well and living together, even if they are struggling, and that it is still a good time to dream.

God bless you and yours,

George Oldroyd, Skipper
Sea Scout Ship 48
Fairfax, Virginia

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Cartoons Added for October

The October Knots cartoon is now posted! This month we look at the model design and building merit badge.

Hugged Yer Commissioner Lately?

Commissioners are pretty tolerant folks. They've listen for years to jibes like "The redcoats are coming!" and "Here comes a Commissioner--hide the coffee!" and "Uh-Oh! There's the Patch Police!" Yet, despite these wisecracks, they have just one thing motivating them to get out there and visit with you, even though their own kid's long aged out of the program -- They believe in Scouting, as the backbone of your town, and our country. They're there to help. They've been visiting your unit probably for several years, maybe more, with only the mission of helping you deliver the best Scouting program you're capable of to the youth you serve. So, have you hugged your Commissioner lately? Invited 'em to you Blue & Gold banquet? Asked 'em to do some judging at your Pinewood Derby? Presented them with a Troop Neckerchief and made 'em an "honorary member"? Asked 'em to speak at your Court of Honor, or make a presentation at it? Invited 'em to sit on a board of review for one of your Eagle candidates? Think it over. Scouting's a two-way street, too. Happy Scouting! Andy

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baloo's Bugle for October's RT & November's Theme, "Seeds of Kindness," is on-line

The newest edition of Baloo's Bugle is now available in Word.doc and Adobe.pdf

This is a service oriented theme with lots of action - just in time for Scouting for Food !!

Lots of activities for your Cubs to do and have fun helping others. Learn more about ADVANCEMENT from Bill Smith, the Roundtable Guy. Be sure to read Scouter Jim's Thoughts about spreading Seeds of Kindness.

There are articles and items for things for Boys and Leaders to do. Be sure to play Pam's Bean Game (Beans are Seeds!!)

And ceremonies for all occasions.

Alice is there with her wonderful projects and ideas!! Lots of pages and ideas for theme-related activities and the Craftsman and Readyman Webelos Activity Awards.

Plenty to do to keep your Cubs busy and teach them to appreciate Seeds of Kindness, and their friends and buddies!!!

Scouts Using the Internet Cartoon - Courtesy of Richard Diesslin - Click to See More Cartoons
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