Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Issue of Baloo's Bugle for April's Theme, "Spring into Action" is delayed

The March 2010 Issue of Baloo's Bugle for April's Theme, "Spring into Action" is delayed.
Too much Scouting the last two weeks!!

If you need a copy now, e-mail me at and
I will send you what is done and a few Pow Wow Book files I have not yet incorporated.



Friday, February 19, 2010

NZ AdventureJam News on Facebook

From facebook

Subject: Registrations for AdventureJam are now OPEN!

Hey - jump on to the; website and download your application form for the New Zealand Jamboree and Tour! Remember to take a look at the Tour page to see what you will be up to as it is looking really good...

The application form is a PDF and if you have trouble opening it make sure your PDF reader is at the latest version. Still having trouble...send me an email:

Have you let your scouting mates know about your up-coming adventure? Don't forget...unless you don't want them to know about the fantastic time you will have!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Longest Pinewood Derby Track

Everybody who has been in Cub Scouts or had a son in Cub Scouting has probably enjoyed the wonder of racing in a Pinewood Derby. The folks in Milwaukee are taking it to new heights literally. There will be a Pinewood Derby event just before the Milwaukee Wave game against Philadelphia at the stadium with a 200 foot long track that starts high in the stands. Game fans are being invited to bring a car to race. What a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. News Story at

BSA to be Featured Category on Jeopardy - Feb 25

From BSA

The Boy Scouts of America is proud to announce that we will be a featured category on the February 25 episode of Jeopardy!.

This is a tremendous opportunity to extend our brand footprint to a nationally televised audience during our 100-year celebration.

Jeopardy! has been the top-rated television game show for several years. Having the opportunity to align our brand and movement with such a highly visible platform is strategically sound and organizationally exciting.

Be sure to stay tuned for the entire show, including the commercial breaks, because the BSA will be spotlighted during the first or second commercial break.

Brand Management would like to thank Scout Executive Jim Martin and the staff at the Golden Empire Council for supporting this effort.

Please check your local listings for stations and times in your area.
If you have questions, please contact Eric Moore at the BSA national office at .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program

We've had a chance to review the new 2009 edition of the BSA Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide. In addition to a number of new academics subjects and new sports included in the program, most of the other subjects and sports have had revisions to their requirements.

We've updated our web pages to reflect the current requirements for all academics subjects and sports. The old requirements are also still available so you can see what has changed.

The Academics Program pages can be accessed at

The Sports Program pages can be accessed at

Paul Wolf

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Venturing Creation Day on facebook

"Celebrate Venturing Creation Day" on Tuesday, February 9 at 1:00am.

Event: Celebrate Venturing Creation Day
"Go Green - Go Venturing!"
What: Rally
Start Time: Tuesday, February 9 at 1:00am End Time: Tuesday, February 9 at 11:00pm
Where: everywhere

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Historic Merit Badge Program on HOLD

WE've gottten a note from BSA that the Historic Merit Badge program for the Centennial has been delayed. Although a notice was placed in the Scouting Magazine "Cracker Barrel" blog, it was premature. The requirements we posted were DRAFTS, and have bnot been finalized pr approved yet.

We'll be removing them from our site until BSA approves the program officially.


Baloo's Bugle for "Take Flight" March's Theme, February RTs is ON-LINE

Get ready to soar into the wild, bue yonder (or at least your kites, will !!) when you "Take Flight."

Lots of hints for "Take Flight" - games, openings, closings, ceremonies, jokes, and more

Jim Jones talks about the flight of the Votager and how it bagan with model airplanes!.
Bill Smith, the Roundtable guy, is going strong again wroting about Den Leaders. As he says in Cub Scouts, "You are either a Den Leader or you support Den Leaders. No other choice."

Detailed info on Cub Scouts 2010 direct from National via a presentation at the SNJC Pow Wow by the Innovation Coordinator who is leading the way. Read it and have fun.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baloo's Bugle for March's Theme "Take Flight," is at the Webmaster's

The next issue of Baloo's Bugle is at the Webmaster's.
If you need a .pdf today, please write me at

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