Monday, January 11, 2010

More Central Region Venturing on 2010 Event and facebook

Subject: Info on the Jan 15 National Venturing event announcement

We are very excited about the National Venturing event and it has generated a lot of membership for our regional Facebook group. While we use it rarely at the region level, one nice feature for groups is being able to message all members. However, once a group goes over 5000 members, the messaging feature is no longer available (Facebook rules).

The Central Region Venturing group is quickly approaching the 5000 membership threshold. If you are in the Central Region and would like to receive announcements about the National Venturing event and other important Venturing news, it is very important that you join your appropriate Area and Council Venturing Facebook groups as well.

Because of the facebook limit, the message will be sent out to all members of CRV AREA Venturing Facebook groups, arriving in your fb Inboxes and email if your account settings permit it. If you do not join your Area group, you will need to look on the Central Region Venturing facebook group wall for the National Venturing event announcement on Jan 15.

Here are the Area Venturing Facebook group URLs:
Area 1 Venturing Facebook group: (Bay-Lakes, Central Minnesota, Chippewa Valley, Gamehaven, Gateway Area, Northeast Iowa, Northern Lights, Northern Star, Samoset, Sioux, Twin Valley, Voyageurs Area, Winnebago Councils)

Area 2 Venturing Facebook group: (Blue Water, Chief Okemos, Erie Shores, Gerald R. Ford, Great Sauk Trail, Great Lakes, Hiawathaland, Lake Huron Area, Scenic Trails, Southwest Michigan, Tall Pine Councils)

Area 3 Venturing Facebook group: (Abraham Lincoln, Glaciers Edge, Greater St. Louis, Hawkeye Area, Illowa, Lewis & Clark, Milwaukee County, Mississippi Valley, Northeast Iowa, Potawatomi Area, Southeast Wisconsin, W.D. Boyce Councils)

Area 4 Venturing Facebook group: (Allohak, Buckeye, Buckskin, Great Trail, Greater Cleveland, Grtr. Western Reserve, Heart of Ohio, Miami Valley, Mountaineer Area, Muskingum Valley, Ohio River Valley, Simon Kenton, Tri-State Area Councils)

Area 5 Venturing Facebook group: (Cornhusker, Coronado Area, Great Rivers, Heart of America, Jayhawk Area, Mid-America, Mid-Iowa, Overland Trails, Ozark Trails, Pony Express, Quivira, Santa Fe Trail Councils)

Area 6 Venturing Facebook group: (Anthony Wayne Area, Black Swamp Area, Buffalo Trace, Crossroads of America, Dan Beard, Hoosier Trails, LaSalle, Lincoln Trails, Miami Valley, Prairielands, Sagamore, Tecumseh Councils)

Area 7 Venturing Facebook group: (Blackhawk Area, Calumet, Chicago Area, Des Plaines Valley, Northeast Illinois, Northwest Suburban, Rainbow, Three Fires Councils)

We still encourage you to continue inviting your friends to the Central Region group & have it continue to be one of the largest Scouting groups on Facebook.

Finally, don't forget to check out; for all of the latest news and resources for Venturing!

the Central Region Venturing committee

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